One game that’s been keeping my interest lately is FTL, an indie space strategy game that was one of Kickstarter’s first big successes. FTL is a game that premiered on Kickstarter on February 27th of last year, with a modest project goal of $10,000. The game rocketed in popularity with release of playable demos and trailers and would go on to succeed its goal 20 times over with a grand total of $200,542 in a little over a month.

FTL’s gameplay leads you to manage from 3 to 9 crew members on 1 of 9 ships, with a goal to transport a vital piece of information to your allies at the end of the game. On the way, you’ll encounter pirates, slavers, and mercenaries, and will have to fight or flee out of tough and moral situations. In battle you’ll manage your crew members as they fix damage caused by the enemy, and you’ll also manage the various systems of the ship such as its shields and weapons. With your encounters you earn money (scrap) which can be used to upgrade your ship or purchase items from vendors.

FTL is a very entertaining game, with plenty of reasons to keep coming back to it. All of the maps are randomly generated so no two experiences will be identical. If you’re interested in strategy and micromanagement then check out FTL on Steam or though the developer’s website at


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