XCOM: Enemy Unknown represents the revival of a cult classic PC game series, originally spanning for 6 games over 7 years. The older games were known for their isometric turn based gameplay, where you act as the commander of a government organization tasked with defending the planet from a mysterious alien invasion. The setting of this series is sometime in the near future, and takes place at random places over the world. Alien attacks are sudden, and swift, so you are responsible for quickly neutralizing impending threats and saving civilians by guiding your squad of military combatants.


Your enemies in the game are relatively straightforward and represent what people typically expect aliens in media to look like. But even so, each alien encounter is different and can be approached a number of different ways. Your squad can consist of snipers, heavies, assaults, and supports, which each have their own roles to play out in the field. You can choose what members make up your squad so that you may choose the right skills for any operation. Out on the field, you can use snipers, machine guns, shotguns, and assault rifles to take out hostiles. But there are also special weapons, such as grenades, rocket launchers, and stun guns to use when the time is right. Having so many paths to choose from rewards you for thinking out situations in advance so that you don’t charge blindly into a bad situation.


By killing and/or capturing hostile aliens, you receive important items and information that will enable you to access more sophisticated (often alien) technology. Using this technology, you add in new rooms and manpower to your home base, which researches everything you need to know about aliens.  Players are rewarded for taking back aliens and equipment alive, which can enable alien interrogation for other special bonuses.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great example of a Series that has been successfully revived after more than 10 years, to the success of multiple game of the year awards. It’s very heartening to think that the average gamer is moving on from consuming only first person shooters, because this opens up the video game market to more adventurous titles that won’t be forgotten when the sequel comes out a year later.


4 thoughts on “GAME: XCOM – ENEMY UNKNOWN

  1. Big fan of this game. This was the first one I’ve played of the series, but I can see why people have been following it for all these years. Nothing but good fun when playing with your friends online as well.

    • It’s absolutely a breath of fresh air for modern titles. We can learn a lot by going back to what made video games popular in the first place. It’s very heartening to see that the average gamers and reviewers are giving out qualifications like GOTY to games like The Walking Dead and XCOM: EU that really deserve it for reviving classic computer game mechanics!

      By the way, what is the mutliplayer like in this game? I haven’t touched it yet since I’m still trudging through the single player at the moment.

  2. THIS GAME CAN BE SO FRUSTRATING. 90% chance to hit has seriously screwed me over sometimes. But hey I gotta deal with that. R.I.P. My support/medic Dr. Dre. Really though this is a great game. Did you ever play the original ones? Those ones were a struggle for me.

    • I can definitely agree, the RNG gods can bring a lot of frustration. This game has got me inspired to play the original series since it has such a cult following! I am a huge fan of PC games but haven’t played that many older titles, so maybe some day I’ll follow this up with a overview of the older games and how they’ve changed. 🙂

      5% to hit, DGAF

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